Nita Kanjaye

Position: Finance and Administration Manager
Categories: Management

Nita Kanjaye is a seasoned professional with a diverse skill set and a track record of success in various capacities. With a comprehensive background in finance, administration, and sales analysis, she has proven her ability to drive results and achieve milestones throughout her career.


During her tenure as a Sales Analyst at Airtel, Nita excelled in developing and successfully implementing innovative sales and distribution models. Her contributions were pivotal in enhancing product distribution strategies, showcasing
her analytical prowess and strategic thinking. In her current role, Nita has demonstrated proficiency in financial management and administrative leadership. Her strategic approach has contributed to the smooth functioning of operations, ensuring financial stability and organisational efficiency.

Academic Qualifications

Nita has a strong foundation in financial accounting, holding a certificate from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Malawi (ICAM). She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy from Exploits University as well as a certification on Product Development and Marketing, from Malawi Microfinance Network in collaboration with LUANAR.