Trevor Kabambe

Position: Data and Technology Analyst
Categories: Management

Trevor Kabambe is a dynamic and results-driven Data and Technology Analyst, leveraging a solid educational foundation and diverse international experience to drive innovation and excellence in the realm of data analytics and business management.


With a rich background spanning from Namibia and the United Kingdom, Trevor brings a unique global perspective to his work. His exposure to different business landscapes has honed his adaptability and cross-cultural communication skills, making him an invaluable asset in diverse professional settings.

Academic Qualifications

Trevor graduated from Swansea University with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business, furthering his academic pursuit with a Master’s degree in Business Management. Trevor’s academic achievements serve as a testament to his strong analytical skills and a comprehensive understanding of both economic and business dynamics. He is also a certified Data Analyst from Google Data Analytics, demonstrating his commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and his proficiency in harnessing data to derive meaningful insights for businesses.